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Fields of activity

Accounting Advisory Services

Our qualified consultants help medium sized and major group companies as well with their accounting adivsory services regarding IFRS/US-GAAP and HGB (local GAAP) as well. We have worked on numerous accounting advisory projects with national or cross-boarder issues over the past years.

We provide the following services with regard to Accounting Advisory Services:

  • Permanent accounting advice: Continuous support in financial reporting and knowledge-backup (e.g. hotline-advice or knowledge-ticketing for accounting issues of concern)
  • Accounting issue advice: Support regarding special accounting issues (e.g. purchase price allocation, accounting of financial instruments) including valuation issues (e.g. fair value approach)
  • IFRS Conversion advice: Conversion services regarding annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements (IFRS-HGB)
  • Audit readiness: Support regarding the preparation of annual audits including audit-readiness-checks
  • Financial statements advice: Compilation services regarding annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Transaction accounting advice: Accounting advisory and compilation services in context with M&A-projects (e.g. preparation of closing accounts)
  • Accounting academy: Inhouse training of accounting employees in respect to selected topics (e.g. package-useability, accounting methods, documentation skills)
  • Implementation advice and impact assessment: Implementation of new IFRS-Standards ("implementation advice”) including evaluation of impacts (e.g. in respect to external reporting)
  • Accounting manual advice: Preparation of general accounting guidance (IFRS/HGB) for corporate stuctures
  • Accounting organization advice: Organizational arrangement of accounting and reporting structures